Accuracy is our priority.

Every permit, every time.

Permit America provides all the needed bonds, experience and resources to ensure your permits are received quickly and correct. It is our job to insure your trucks keep moving. With industry leading technology and an intelligent, motivated and hard working staff you can rest assured Permit America is your go to service.

Order your permits online, phone, fax, or email.

  • Oversize/Overweight permits
  • Local, County, & City permits
  • Fuel & Trip permits
  • Superload permits
  • KYU, HUT and more.

About Permit America

Permit America was founded by Jim & Mary Simpson in November 2001 with the goal of partnering with Specialized Carriers to deliver OD/OW loads legal, safe, and on time. We believe in building strong partnerships with our customers and have designed systems and procedures to enhance this relationship. Permit America utilizes a T.E.A.M. process which consists of Timely Response, Experienced consultants, Adaptability, and Meticulous detail. Personalized service is our mission and to that end, T.E.A.M also describes how your orders will be handled. The Permit America staff is organized into teams, each having a team leader and 2 to 4 permit consultants. These small groups ensure that you will be able to reach a knowledgeable permit consultant who knows you, and how you like to do business.

Cost and Savings

Ask about our Preferred Customer rates for OD/OW and Super-load permits (Major Credit Cards welcomed). These rates are easy to apply for and are processed within 24-48hrs. How much did it cost you the last time you had a truck stuck at the weigh station or state line waiting for a Permit? How much time was spent on reordering Permits due to route change or inaccurate vehicle specifications? Permit America can save you enough in overhead expenses and down time. It'll feel like you're getting your PERMITS FOR FREE!